hi im tess and i tell a lot of bad puns that make my friends roll their eyes and sigh like really exasperatedly

im 14. my real birthday is march 3 and my tumblr birthday is november 5. im a japanese-canadian enfp personality type ^.^

multifandom blog but im sort of in a captain america phase right now so sorry if that clutters your dash ヾ(^▽^)ノ

previously annabethjacksony

reading nothing right now bc im lazy and picky sorry :/

watching once upon a time s2; labyrinth;

finished doctor who; agents of shield; sherlock; merlin; political animals

tracking wintersrogers and annabethjacksony


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hey if you're having a bad day pls remember that you're beautiful and ily
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.


How long can you hold your breath?

The question is…

             Have there been any similar murders?


This isn’t you. Cas, I know you’re in there. I know you can hear me. Cas, it’s me. We’re family. We need you. I need you.

your name is James Buchanan Barnes

(you’re my friend)



Chris Evans being extremely proud of the meanest prank he pulled on his little brother Scott when they were younger


"I’m doing what I love, and then I get months and months of rest.I have a lot of money for a 21-year-old. I can’t stand it when actors complain.”